go go go

If I could describe our weekend in three words, they would be go-go-go.  

Saturday morning we decided to visit the boys' first home, the NICU.  It was so surreal driving there, taking that familiar route that we took every day, twice a day for 4 1/2 months.  Only this time, we did it with our boys.  On the drive, we talked about some of our most vivid memories.  About how their NICU stay seems like a lifetime ago, but really we've only been home for half a year.  As we entered the hospital grounds, we made that familiar right turn, and played our game where we give the driver in front of us points for doing something stupid and dangerous :)  I think this guy only accumulated two points though.  Not too bad.

I had butterflies.  I was excited to show the nurses and doctors how far the boys have come.  When we the got there, I went inside and Seamus waited in the hallway with Aiden and Ryan, since babies aren't allowed in the unit.  It was eerily quiet.  I wasn't faced with that familiar hustle and bustle of the NICU that I so clearly remembered.  It was peaceful.

We visited with one doctor (the Dr. who discharged Ryan) and two nurses.  Not the visit we were hoping for since we didn't see any of our favorite nurses, but it was nice nonetheless.  We later found out that the NICU has been quiet and they don't have many babies living there right now.  I couldn't decide if this was a good thing, or a bad thing.  

We stopped for photos on our way out of the hospital

We will never forget this painting.  It's near the elevator.  And we stared at it every.single.day

 Later we went to A&R's friend Robbie's first birthday party.  The theme was something about a little man, I think?  Sorry Robbie, I'm not so good with baby characters yet.  It was so cute, and Aiden sported a mustache the whole time.  Ok I lie, he cried when I put it on him, but I was quick enough to snap a photo.

He didn't cry for long.  I promise.

Aiden has a new girlfriend.
On Sunday we woke up early (duh, we wake up early every day) and we geared up for a visit with A&R's cousin Liam.  Liam and the boys played, while the adults (males only!) cleaned up our yard in preparation for some work we're having done this week.  

Our yard now

Stay tuned for 'after' photos
 Later we had a rib-off.   In the interest of remaining neutral, I won't tell you whose ribs I preferred.  I'm beat man.  But the boys did let me sleep a little longer this morning.  Thank you A&R. 

Morning bottle

Happy baby <3

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  1. Creepy painting! We had a creepy mural in ours. Looks like a crazy but fun weekend :)


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