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Before I begin this post, please know that I love both my children equally.  And there will be posts exclusively highlighting Ryan in the future.  I know I may sound crazy, but I felt this disclaimer is necessary.  I guess I have a lot of twin mommy guilt.  Ok, moving on.

This week has been tremendous for Aiden in terms of milestones and development.  It all started on Sunday during Seamus' birthday BBQ.  We had the boys on a blanket on the floor, playing with their cousin Liam.  Aiden had been working on sitting up independently for quite some time.  We put his boppy pillow behind him, and he sat up for like 10 minutes straight.  He swayed a little back and forth, but each time he would catch himself with his hands and get back to a sitting position.  Since Sunday we've been practicing without the boppy.  It has resulted in some face plants (doh!) but he is getting much better.  So proud of my big boy.

On Wednesday, Aiden finally got his hearing aids.  He is still adjusting and he isn't his usual distracted self.  He seems like he is really absorbing all the new sounds he hears.  It's almost as if he immediately acquired this intelligence that wasn't quite there before.

Aiden rockin' his new hearing aids
Then, yesterday, while we were playing in the morning after breakfast, Aiden rolled from back to belly.  He's been rolling from belly to back since Mother's Day but had never rolled the other way.  Now the kid won't stop rolling all over the place, and I predict this will be his main form of travel until he learns how to crawl.  

A while later, after I got home from work, Aiden had his first real interaction with Penny.  I don't know if he was more aware of her since he could hear her better.  But the kid legit wanted to play with his dog.  He kept trying to get her attention and then when he had it, he couldn't stop laughing.  Just a boy and his dog.  

Finally, last night after I put the boys to bed, I peeked at the monitor and saw Aiden, like an old man, sleeping on his belly.  This was by far the most bitter sweet thing that happened this week.  Once they start belly sleeping, I feel like they aren't itty bitty anymore.  

Aiden, you've grown so much in the last few days.  Slow down killer.  Mommy can't keep up.

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