Both boys are pretty much over their colds/ear infections.  We go back to the pedi on Tuesday for an ear check.  Hopefully all is clear.

Ryan has officially recovered from his surgery.  Our follow up visit with the surgeon went well and he wants to see both boys in November.  This is Ryan's incision.  It's already healing beautifully, and although this was Ryan's third shunt surgery he will only have one scar because Dr. Mittler has always used the same incision site.  Unfortunately they shaved his little head, and now he has a large bald spot.  We were thinking of just shaving his entire head to start from scratch...or maybe a mohawk.  What do you think?

 Mr. Aiden took his first ride in a supermarket shopping cart.  At first he held on for dear life, but then we gave him a Gatorade to play with and he relaxed a little.  And yes, he is wearing pajamas.  That's how we roll. 

Both boys tried out the big boy baby swings at the park the other day after our visit to the pedi.  They seemed to like it, although mama was a nervous wreck and thought they would fall out.  o_O

We spent the day shopping with Ciocia Aga and then came home for some snuggles on the couch.  We love Ciocia Aga <3

 Mama got a package full of delicious treats from her friend and Aiden thought he could get away with stealing her stash.  He's good at making himself look innocent. 

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