When I was on hospital bed rest, and especially after the babes were born, I searched the internet for preemie success stories to cling to as I prayed for my children to get better.  Inevitably, during my search for hope, I stumbled upon stories of loss.  Stories that, when you read them, your heart felt like it would burst from all the pain you felt for a person you never even met.  Stories that made you cry so many tears that there weren't any left for your own suffering.  No one knows why these things happen.  And no matter how long we try to understand loss, we never will.

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  

The following is a quote I stumbled upon, posted by a fellow preemie mom.  I thought it was so beautiful and so badly wanted to share it here.

"Please light a candle tonight in memory of all babies who were carried but never held; held but didn't get to stay; and stayed, but were taken way too soon."

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