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I'm a morning person.  I haven't always been, but that changed when I really entered into adulthood.  Once I moved out of my parents' house and had more responsibilities, I guess I started waking up earlier to get a head start on all the crap that had to be done.  Gym, dishes, laundry, cleaning, food prep, etc.  I don't really mind waking up early as long as I have some coffee.  It's safe to say that I actually look forward to waking up so that I could have my coffee.  Yes, I love it that much.  The point is that me being a morning person really works well with this whole parenting thing.  Yes, I may fall asleep on the couch at 9 o'clock some nights, but I'm always willing to get up with the kids at 7...or 6:30...or 5:30...sigh.

This is how Ryan greets me every morning
It's not so bad.  Once I actually peel my eyelids open and get the kids from their cribs we make our way downstairs.  I've even perfected the art of carrying both boys down at the same time.  Some mornings are better than others.  Ryan has recently made it a habit to wake up at 3 or 5am for a snack, so those days are a little harder on me.  Anyway, our mornings are nice.  The house is quiet and the kids are happy.  They just slept for 12 hours so they're ready to play.  We set up shop on the living room floor - a big blanket and two boppy pillows and I tandem feed them.  Saves time.  Once they're done with their bottle we hang out on the floor to play for a while.  Toys strewn all across the floor.  Babies giggling and cooing.  Mama enjoying the last few sips of deliciousness.  It's really a sight to see.
Ryan telling me about last night's dreams

Aiden still practicing the art of sitting

Just hangin out
 After some time we get ready for 2nd breakfast.  Once you have kids, especially two, it seems like you're always feeding something.  These little monsters eat like every 2 hours these days, between their bottles and solids.  Keeps you on your toes.  We usually do oatmeal and some type of fruit.  This morning we ditched the oatmeal though, and in honor of it being Friday we did a mixture of apples & bananas.  The kids loved it.  They take like half an hour to eat two tablespoons of apple sauce and 1/4 of a banana, but hey, at least it keeps them occupied for a while.  


By this time the whining and eye rubbing starts.  You know what that means.  Nap time!  Nap time keeps everyone sane -  mommy, daddy & babies included.  We head upstairs, turn on the music player and try to go down for a nap.  Aiden will whine a bit but usually puts himself to sleep.  Ryan needs a little more coaxing.  These days bouncing his mattress works wonders.  Around this time, Papa wakes up and takes over until the afternoon.  Mama gets in the shower and hauls ass to work.  

I always hate leaving in the morning.  Sometimes being a working mom sucks.  You tend to feel like you're missing out on things, and then when you get home you feel guilty doing anything but hanging out with your babes, because you're already away from them for so long.  In all honesty, I know it's good for me to work and to go do something unrelated to babies sometimes.  I know it will keep me sane and in the end a happy mom = happy babies.  But knowing that does not take the guilt away.  You do what you gotta do to survive in this world and you come home and make the best of the time you have with your family.  Nothing else matters.  

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