We like to party

Let me start by saying that we are so fortunate so have so many people in our lives who truly care about A&R.  The outpouring of love that we saw before, during and after their birthday party was enough to take our breath away.  A special thanks goes out to Adam, for taking it upon himself to photograph this special day for us.  It was one thing, a huge thing, that we didn't have to worry about while running around all day.  Thank you for taking the time to capture these special moments for us.  Warning:  This post is pic heavy.

Our theme was simply orange/teal.  No characters because the boys don't really like them yet.  Auntie Ag was especially helpful with the decor, taking it upon herself to make the birthday banner and staying up with me at all hours of the night making cupcakes and the boys' smash cakes.  Couldn't have done it without you, sis.  And thanks Uncle Anthony for putting the finishing touches on the banner as well.  



We had numerous people pitch in to make food for our buffet.  Thanks Auntie Ag, Aunt Katie, Aunt Kristy, Grandma, and Nana for helping us out.  You lifted a huge weight off our shoulders.  Side note:  I didn't realize that caring for two twinfants while trying to prepare for a party would be so difficult.  Thankfully the kids took a long morning nap, so we had some time to set everything up.  Next year we're going to outsource childcare.  Any volunteers? :) 

Apparently the boys love balloons and had a wonderful time playing with them.  Thanks Aunt Kelly and Nana for entertaining the boys while we finished setting up. 

We had the opportunity to take some great family photos.

And of course we had a cake smash.  Aiden, as expected, enjoyed every second of getting in there and demolishing his cake.  Ryan, not so much.  Then we sang Happy Birthday, once for each boy, and got a little teary when we tried to say a few words to thank everyone for their support over the last year.  Ok, I lie.  We totally ugly cried in front of all our family & friends.  It wasn't the eloquent speech I imagined.  But I think everyone got the point. 


 We had six candles on the cake.  One for each boy, two for good luck and two for their January 6th "un-birthday".
 It was such a wonderful day.  We had great weather, thank God, because I think I counted 50 guests at one point.  No way we would've fit all those people in our house.  The boys had a good time and we hope everyone else did too.  It couldn't have gone more perfectly.  Thank you to everyone who joined us on this special day.  Your generous gifts are being enjoyed in our house daily.  Not only do they entertain our wacky children, but they give Mom & Dad a few minutes of sanity each day.  

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  1. beautiful pics joanna! they look like they had so much fun!!!


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