14 and lately

Yesterday our little men turned 14 months old.  After the chaos that was Thanksgiving, I didn't even realize that yesterday was the 25th.  Sorry boys, momma is a day late. 

At 14 months we have 7 teeth between two boys.  Aiden has 4 and Ryan has 3.  I think we're at around 18 lbs. but I'm not sure since we haven't been weighed in a while.

We are on cold number 3 since September.  I really hope the boys get better soon and stay healthy for a little while this time. 

We have self feeders!  Yes, finally after what seemed like forever, A&R actually picked up what we put on they trays and ate it.  They will only self feed puffs, pirate's booty and sometimes bananas, but we are on the right track.  

 We have a crawling, almost standing baby.  This morning I walked into the boys' room to find this:

He looks like he is guilty of some random crime, no?
  And last but not least, we have a pretty cool hairdo!

You boys are becoming more handsome, more fun and more amazing each and every day.  We had such a great time celebrating Thanksgiving in our home, all under one roof, and we're so excited to watch you experience your first Christmas at home.  Here are two of my fave photos from Thanksgiving:

Thank you for teaching me what life is about.

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