aware // meet my preemies: Addison & Blake

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my friend T.  Next up are Addison & Blake, born at 26 weeks weighing 1 lb. 10 oz. & 1 lb. 14 oz. respectively.  They spent 153 and 105 days in the NICU, and are the light of their mommy's world.  Click here to read about how their journey began and visit often for updates on these cuties.

Addison is your typical girlie girl.  Ok well most of the time.  She likes ponies, princesses and dolls.  But she never hesitates to lay the smack down on her brother or climb mommy's tv stand or slide head first off the couch and then erupt into a fit of giggles.  She is fierce and has a heart of gold.  Her smile lights up the room. She enjoys playing pretend and insists that anything you do to her (like trying to feed her) she must be able to do you as well.  She is in charge (or so she thinks).  She only has eyes for her daddy (and her Pop-Pop too).

Blake is a shy little dude but loves to speak his mind to anyone he really knows.  He enjoys cleaning and challenging his mommy on a daily bases.  Do not ever trust his sly smile, it usually means that he and his daddy have come up with some evil plan against us girls. He enjoys reading and long walks anywhere as long as he doesn't have to hold your hand. 

Fun facts about A & B and photo were submitted by mommy Melissa!

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