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After a short break from meeting my preemies, we are back today with Jamison & Emma.  Their complete story can be found here.  

About 2/3 of the way through my uneventful pregnancy I called my dad to take me to the ER when I felt what I learned was a “bulging bag” escaping my incompetent cervix.  Emma & Jamison were born at 25 weeks 0 days after patiently hanging tight for one week of hospital bed rest.  Jamison led the way and throughout his hospitalization seemed to be more ready than Emma who, although crying upon delivery with one eye open, had a significantly harder time in the NICU.  Jamison was born at 1 pound 11.5 ounces at 13 inches and Emma at 1 pound 7.5 ounces at 13 inches He stayed in the hospital for 105 days and she came home about a month later. 

I resigned from my job and immersed myself in everything I could related to Emma & Jamison and our new role as parents of preemies.  Jamison was only briefly intubated before CPAP and then seemingly quickly went to cannula then room air.  Once allowed to eat he did very well with the bottle.  Emma was on the jet ventilator for some time as the typical vent was damaging her lungs, and also experienced a pneomothorax or collapsed lung requiring a tube to be placed into her chest.  After a fairly typical PDA Emma became very sick with a significant infection with breathing difficulties, and erratic blood pressure.   I do not fully remember this time as my husband does, which I believe I have blocked out for now as this was the only time that we seriously believed that Emma may not survive.  She proved herself to be a fighter and has continued to show us her way each day.  There were many many feeding difficulties that delayed Emma’s homecoming including vocal cord paralysis, and our struggles continued at home as I track each milliliter she ate to feel some control over her growing. 

Jamison and Emma turned 10-months old this past week, are lovingly called my beef cake & small fry, and last weighed in at 17 pounds and 14 pounds respectively. Most days they can be found at home with me where they belly laugh at each other, happily eat sweet potatoes, & light up every time our dog enters the room (or when their dad gets home).  Jamison has kidney stones, and Emma is still on reflux medication & being monitored in hopes that a small hole in her heart naturally closes.   Those who do not know us cannot see the strength or frailty of these once micro-preemies, but it is there every day in my mind and heart as a constant reminder of how amazing they both are. 

Thank you momma Anna for submitting this post and photo!

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