aware // meet my preemies: JohnScott & Hilyer

It is my pleasure to introduce to you two of the most dapper preemies I know, JohnScott & Hilyer.  Just look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

JohnScott and Hilyer were born at 29w6d due to cord complications for Hilyer.  JS was 2lb 10oz, 13.5 in at birth, while Hilyer was 1lb 7oz, 11in.  

Although they are twin brothers, their stories could not be more different.  JohnScott was intubated, graduated to CPAP and breathing room air within the first 24 hours of his life.  Hilyer on the other hand was intubated for nearly 4 days, spent 5 months on and off CPAP and requires oxygen via nasal cannula at home.  

JohnScott had an uneventful 8 week stay in the NICU.  He had the occasional desat or brady, but nothing too concerning.  No infections.  No brain bleed.  No ROP.  No NEC.  He was mainly a feeder and grower.  
Hilyer had a very eventful 142 day NICU stay.  Though we are thankful for no brain bleed, NEC or ROP, I think Hilyer had every other complication possible – BPD, Pulmonary Hypertension, a heart murmur known as a PFO, multiple blood transfusions, multiple lumbar punctures and numerous rounds of antibiotics for infections.  On top of that, feeding was a huge issue for Hilyer.  A few months after coming home, Hilyer was diagnosed as Failure to Thrive (FTT) and had surgery to have a g-tube placed.  The decision to have the surgery was difficult at the time, but looking back it was the best decision for Hilyer.  

Today, JohnScott and Hilyer are healthy, active and thriving 20 month olds.  JohnScott enjoys food, baths, books, music, sleep, Yo Gabba Gabba and “talking” on the phone.  His dislikes include diaper changes, sharing, staying away from the fire place and wearing hats.  Hilyer enjoys bath time, music, snuggling, stealing toys from his brother and Mickey Mouse.  Dislikes include food, sleep, long car rides and staying away from the fireplace.

To learn more about JS & Hilyer, visit their mom's blog. 

 Photo & blurb submitted by JohnScott & Hilyer's mom, Bridgit.

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