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Hey folks!  Today you get a two for one deal.  Turns out I know a heck of a lot of preemies, and as you are aware November is quickly nearing an end.  So please allow me to introduce to you Judith and Paddy, not at all related except in that they are two pretty cool kids.  As always, their blogs will be linked on the right from today on, in case you ever wonder what they're up to.  Thanks for reading!

Judith was born at 29w2d due to severe pre-e and IUGR, weighing in at 2 lbs and measuring 14 1/4”. We were fortunate that she never needed to be placed on a ventilator, and was able to wean off of CPAP after she was 1 week old. She spent a few weeks on nasal cannula, then was removed from all respiratory support save for a couple days back on CPAP after developing a late-onset GBS/sepsis infection with possible meningitis. Doing so well respiratory-wise turned out to be a huge deal for us, because we later found out that she also has Cystic Fibrosis. The jury is still out there about some of the complications she had while in the NICU (extended time on humidity for elevated sodium levels, meconium ielius, and even the acquisition of the GBS infection), if they were preemie related, CF related, or a combination of both.

Judith is a peanut of a toddler who enjoys music, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, playing with our dogs, and being the center of attention! She will turn 2 in a couple weeks, on 12/3, and I’m excited that she is almost completely caught up to her actual age. We will stop adjusting her age at this point, and we’re nervous and excited at the same time. It’s a new territory for us!

We are blessed to have such a feisty girl who is doing so well, even though we realize that things can change at the drop of a hat. She has come so far, and we’re proud of her progress!

To learn more about Judith and her family, click here.

Paddy was born at 26w 4d and spent 128 days in the NICU with many typical preemie issues such as a PDA ligation, BPD, multiple suspected infections, and multiple blood transfusions.  He continues to have some lingering issues, most seriously Failure to Thrive and reflux.  Getting enough calories into him to gain weight is our greatest challenge.

Aside from his small stature (he weighs just 18lbs, 11oz and is 30.5" tall), Paddy is doing amazingly well.  He only stops moving when he's asleep - otherwise he climbs everything in sight.  Paddy loves Barney and frequently hums the Barney song.  He's also a great helper with household tasks:  sweeping, vacuuming, sort of putting things away.

Don't be fooled by his dour expression in the picture, he's rarely without a smile.  This was just the day after the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs and he hadn't gotten over the loss yet.

To read more, please visit http://kateandaly.com/.

Photos and intros were submitted by momma Becca & momma Aly.

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