aware // meet my preemies: Nora

Today, my friends, you get a very special treat.  You get to meet Nora, the prettiest little flower there is.  This girl is sure to brighten your day.  I swear she is always smiling.  We could all learn a thing or two from Nora. 

Nora was born at 25 weeks 5 days weighing 1 lb. 14 oz. and 13 inches long.  She was born with a crazy amount of hair...all of which fell out after the NICU and is growing back in like wild fire!   She overcame a lot in her 97day NICU stay.  She had all the typical preemie stuff (anemia, multiple blood transfusions, Chronic lung disease, reflux, PDA, ROP, etc..) ...along with a few life threatening infections and a bilateral grade 3 & 4 brain bleed.  Nora is amazing and has defied all odds.  She loves to take walks in her stroller, being held, and kisses from her Momma.  She also loves to play on the ground with her toys.  She has just learned how to grab toys from me, so she is enjoying that new found independence of holding her toys herself!  She is very smiley and giggly, especially at her silly Momma and she loves to hear herself talk.  She also loves the colors pink and purple and is usually never seen without a headband of some sort!  Nora is now 9 months old and we are in PT and OT every week to help with bottle feeds and catching up on  her milestones.  She is getting better at lifting that head off the ground during tummy time!  She sees a number of specialists and is on the tiny side but she is one heck of a fighter. We are so proud at how far she has come...and so excited to see how far she will go!   She is the light of my life and the apple of my eye but you better not let this sweet girl get hungry ;)   As long as she is rested and her belly is full she is happy and sweet as can be! 
To learn more about Nora and her family, click here and be sure to check back often for updates and fun happenings!
Photo and facts about Nora were submitted by momma Renee.

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  1. Hope she's doing well as a big girl now.....she has pretty much the cutest face I've ever seen!!!


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