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This next (guest)  post is brought to you by a very special preemie momma, Nicole.  Both her sons were born premature.  As far as I am concerned, she is my hero.  To endure the NICU twice is something I'm not sure I could do.  And she did it with courage, fortitude and grace.  Her second son, Sammy, came home this week.  Welcome home little man!  

The Brothers P

The Brothers P live in Minnesota. They should have been 15 months apart if we lived in a perfect world but things don’t go as you imagine. I learned that with both of these boys, as they were both preemies. Even being preemies they both have lived completely different experiences. Here’s a bit about the Brothers P and what they are all about.

Sebastian aka Baz is the older more outspoken brother. He came into this world at 34 weeks and 1 day and weighing in at 5 pounds 12 ounces back in August of 2011. During my pregnancy he was dubbed,” Baby P” before we knew he was a he.  He spent 3 weeks in the NICU. He had some jaundice issues and took awhile to learn the whole suck, swallow breath while eating.


So what is he is up to these days?

Baz is 14 months old and learning to love everything except mashed potatoes.  He flirts with all of his Momma’s friends. Many love his big expressive eyes and long eyelashes, so he is learning quickly how to use those to his advantage.  He enjoys hanging out with his Daddy during the day while Momma works. During the day the boys watch Sponge Bob, Bubble Guppies and Dora the Explorer or stealing Daddy’s Xbox controller. He is quite the fan of the Law and Order theme song. If he hears it on the TV everything comes to a halt and he watches the TV intently. As soon as it is done it’s back to chasing Goldfinger and Guinness the cats around or playing with his toys or being inquisitive as he is discovering the world around him.

He has many sides to him. He can go from being serious to laughing and excited then to serious again in a matter of minutes.

You can follow the life and times of the big brother Baz here: http://librababy.wordpress.com/

In August of this year at 26 weeks and 3 days and 2 pounds 12 ounces, the younger Brother P arrived with a lot of worry and a kick to the doctor (yes Momma kicked the doctor during delivery).

Samuel aka Sam aka Sammy aka Baby P2 aka Baby P The Sequel is just over 3 months old and finally at home after a 97 day NICU stay at two hospitals. He dealt with a lot of things in his 97 day stay and has been one heck of a little trooper.

He has a few other nicknames as well but the one I love the most is Chunky Cheeks given to him by one of his nurses. The boy has cheeks and great hair, which totally got him his Daddy.

He enjoys being cuddled but doesn’t seem too thrilled when the older brother wants to give loves. Sam enjoys eating which he totally got from Mommy.  He eats about every 3 hours then spends a lot of time sleeping in his Danny Sling.

Sammy has come along way from August 1st when he was born and you can follow the life and times of Baby P The Sequel here: http://scorpiobaby.wordpress.com/

 Photos and post written by Sebastian & Samuel's momma, Nicole.

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