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I think about this all the time and while it may sound crazy, it is true.  I must disclaim that I would never wish prematurity on anyone, especially my kids, but since I was thrust into this world, I am thankful for all that we've been through in the last 13 months.  I'm a completely different person than I was before my kids were born.  New experiences, new information, and a new sense of love fill my life every day.  My new life has led me to some wonderful ladies.  Ladies who have gone through what we went through or something similar.  Ladies that, when I crave someone who understands, they do. 

In honor of Prematurity Awareness month, I will be doing a series of posts through the month of November titled "Meet My Preemies".  I will introduce you to some of these ladies and their miracle babies.  Please follow along.  

First up is T.  He was born at 30 weeks, 6 days and weighed 3 lbs. 11 oz.  He spent 50 days in the NICU, and was readmitted for 8 days after two weeks home.  He's the most handsome little man in all the land.  And his momma is pretty cool too :) 

SWM, 19 mo, enjoys eating Mac & Cheese Deluxe, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, dancing to Devo, and organizing his surroundings. During the day he rocks out on his doggy guitar, goes for adventures in the park, and chooses to take the Big Kid Slides down. He wears Baby Docs and legwarmers, layered outfits, and fun hats. His family pretends they are a pack of wolves and have taught Baby Wolf to howl. His first word was, "poop," and his first sentence was, "I'm not a butt." His second sentence was, "I want mamma." He likes to pretend-talk on the phone and read his mom books. He is still breastfed but also enjoys having mango lassis and cups of water. He has never been in a stroller or to a swimming pool. City kid ISO other city kids to share in parallel play.

To learn more about T and his mom, click through to
Urban Flowerpot.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  And if you ever wonder what T is up to, never fear.  Just look to the right and find his mom's blog.  It has a new home here. 

Photo & blurb about T were sumitted by Ms. Urban Flowerpot herself.

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