aware // meet my preemies: Drew, Tommy & Sammy

Today we have a very special treat from a triplet momma!  It's a bit of a different perspective, from someone who knew early on that she would be delivering preemies and would likely have some NICU time.  

Here are all three, plus big brother, Will!
"What are those three things?" I will never forget my husband saying those words as we were getting an ultrasound. I knew, right then, we were having triplets. I also knew that our world as we knew it was going to be very different. The doctor came in and started talking about what we could expect with the pregnancy. I would be the size of a full term pregnancy by 24 weeks and would be most likely on bed rest and they would try to keep me pregnant as long as possible, but to expect premature babies born around 30-33 weeks.

I started reading when we got home, that also made things real and scary. I knew my job was to try to do anything and everything to stay pregnant as long as I could. Somehow, luckily for me, I did not follow the norms. I was huge, I was uncomfortable, but I never had to be on bed rest and I made it to my scheduled c-section date at 36 weeks.

The boys were born in our hometown at 8:49, 8:50, and 8:51 am. Andrew Ross was born first weighing 5lb8oz and 19 inches long. Thomas Reid was born second weighing 6lb1oz and 19 inches long. Samuel Robert was born third weighing 5lb9oz and also 19 inches long. 

Drew was on oxygen for about an hour before he was moved to room air. Sammy and Tommy, however, did not do so well. They were both on CPAP and Tommy had surfactant also. By the next day, the pediatrician made the call that the babies needed to be transported down to Indianapolis to the NICU because Tommy needed to be put on the ventilator and Sammy may also need it. All 3 boys were to the St. Vincent's Carmel NICU. Tommy was placed on the ventilator immediately, Sammy stayed on CPAP, and Drew just needed to learn to eat.

Drew stayed in the NICU for 5 days, Sammy 6 days, and Tommy a week. We were very fortunate that their lungs matured quickly and all came home much faster than the doctors had originally told us. 

Today, the boys are all growing, and aside from Tommy's acid reflux, they are so healthy and exciting to watch grow and discover their world. At their recent four month check, Drew is now 23.75" long and weighs 10lb12oz, Tommy is 25" long and weighs 13lb4oz, and Sammy is 23.5" long and weighs 12lb8oz. They are all three working on their two bottom teeth. They love watching their big brother Will and playing on the floor with their toys and activity mats. They also recently got to sit in their exersaucer and are trying to figure their legs out. They are all very smiley babies and are learning to laugh. 

We are so blessed that they complete our family.

Blog post & photos submitted by momma, Sarah.  To follow this amazing family, click here.

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