give thanks.


noun \thaŋ(k)s-ˈgi-viŋ also ˈthaŋ(k)s-ˌ\
1: the act of giving thanks
2: a prayer expressing gratitude
3a : a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness
A year ago today, Seamus and I were hustling and bustling in the kitchen, cooking up a meal to bring to those who were taking care of our kids when we were incapable.  It was the least we could do for the strangers that were taking our children's lives into their hands and saving them.  While we were thankful for our blessings last year, we kind of just went through the motions of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Heck, the entire 4 1/2 months while the kids were in the NICU we were going through the motions.  It was like a limbo.  At this point when I think about my life, I think about life before the NICU and life after the NICU.  The in between is like a gray area that I can't quite comprehend yet. 
This year our boys celebrate their first Thanksgiving at home.  Excited is not even the word.  I can't wait for them to eat some turkey and mashed potatoes, cranberries and broccolli, sweet potato and pumpkin pie. 
While we live our lives every day appreciating what we were given in our boys, today is a special time to reflect on everything that has happened in the last year.  I'm thankful for so many things, and here are some of them, in no particular order.
I am thankful for coffee, as it allows me to function when I need to for my boys.
I am thankful for a good job and a warm home.
I am thankful for good food and wonderful friends & family to enjoy it with.
I am thankful for wine.  No explanation needed.
I am thankful for my mother and mother-in-law, who made it so that we don't have to pay for child care.
I am thankful for my sister, who will watch the kids at the drop of a hat.
I am thankful for health insurance, because we truly have million dollar babies.
I am thankful to live in a time when it is possible to save the tiniest of babies.
I am thankful for Early Intervention services, because they give our kids the chance to succeed in life.
I am thankful for the internet.  Yes, silly.  But the wealth of information and resources I have come across in order to advocate for my children is invaluable.
I am thankful for the power of prayer, as it gave me hope when I was hopeless.
And most of all, I am thankful for my wonderful husband and bright children.  They are and forever will be the light of my life.  Without them I would be a shell of who I am today.
Take a moment today to really think about what you're thankful for.  And it doesn't have to be deep and meaningful.  It just needs to be appreciated.
I hope you all enjoy this Thanksgiving with friends and family, and some warm pumpkin pie!
This morning, enjoying a banana!

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