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At 10 months adjusted, momma finally decided it was time to let the boys try to self feed.  You see, momma is sort of OCD and really hates messes, so up until now she decided that it would be much easier, much cleaner, and much more efficient to just feed them herself. 

Well, that only got us so far.  And after a brief struggle with myself I succumbed to my children's needs - to learn and to grow.  I knew that putting a bowl in front of them would just lead to a disaster and possibly a yogurt covered momma.  So I sanitized their trays and put a few dollops of yogurt on them.  I gave the boys each a spoon and left them to their own devices. 

It amazes me that A&R will put every damn thing in their mouths, but when I actually give them something they are supposed to eat, they don't.  Boys will be boys?  Or maybe that's just how all babies roll.  Who knows...I haven't the time nor the energy to figure this one out. 

They did have a blast though.  Surprisingly, Ryan was the messier one.  They played with the yogurt, got it in their eyes, threw their spoons all over the kitchen.  They even managed to get some food into their mouths.  It was a grand ole time!  

And don't worry, I followed it up with some momma fed beets so they got enough in their bellies.  

Also, this happened:

Aiden has been trying to crawl FOREVER.  Poor kid was losing sleep over it.  Well, last night, he finally crawled six steps towards his bottle.  Yes, we waved it in front of him to motivate him.  Poor kid was starving.  Don't judge.  Then, this morning he just took off.  And yes, I took away all his toys to get him to go the distance.  

This is the boy who was born at under two pounds.  The boy who spent almost 5 months in the hospital, 2 of which he was hooked up to a ventilator breathing for him.  The boy who, according to his doctors, would have such a hard life due to his disabilities that we were asked if we wanted to withdraw care.  The boy who, at one point was so sick I wasn't sure we would take him home.

You know what this boy is?  He is ABLE.  He is able to do it all.  And he will.  We're so proud of you little buddy.    

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