five for friday / the boys

these photos speak for themselves

2.   Aiden had a hearing test this week.  He presented with normal hearing to mild hearing loss.  You can imagine our excitement, as his last few tests put him at mild to moderate hearing loss.

3.  We took the kids to a pediatric opthamologist two weeks ago as a follow up to their ROP diagnosis/surgery when they were in the NICU.  Aiden was cleared for the next year.  His eyes are fine.  Ryan, on the other hand, needs glasses.  He is extremely nearsighted in his left eye, and in an effort to make sure that he doesn't ignore that eye he will wear glasses every day.  We pick them up tomorrow.  Stay tuned for photos!

4.  Aiden has really taken off with his gross motor skills lately.  He's crawling all over the place and pulling up to stand on everything.  His PT has been working with him on climbing the stairs, so that is his favorite thing right now.  We finally put up a baby gate to keep him safe.  He so badly wants to walk and gets frustrated that he can't.  He crawls into your lap when you're sitting on the floor.  And he loves, I mean LOVES, attention.  It's all about him, ya know.

5.  Ryan is making strides of his own.  He is still working on sitting up unassisted, and he is getting better every day.  His posture and trunk strength are gradually improving and he is able to bear weight on his hands a little longer now.  He says mama, nana, dada, and a million other "words" and he has learned (from Aiden) how to shake his head no.  Such a smarty.  His right arm and hand are loosening up and he is getting better at opening his right fist in order to use his hand.  We recently switched PTs and I'm so glad we did because it really made a difference.

Ta ta for now!  

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