it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

This weekend was spent getting the house holiday ready.  We dug up our old decorations, and anxiously awaited the arrival of new ones that were recently ordered online.  We bundled up the kids (yeah right, it was like 60 degrees yesterday) and packed into the car to pick out our tree.  We opted for a smaller one this year, figuring we might have an easier time keeping it from falling over on A&R, especially A since he is mobile now and into everything!  We still aren't quite done as I'm not happy with how the front of the house looks yet, but slowly it's all coming together.  

I remember decorating the house last year for Christmas.  It was so lonely and cold.  The kids were in the hospital and I was set on getting a tree anyway, because I wanted our house to always celebrate the holidays.  Even though the boys weren't home to see it, somehow I felt that having a tree would bring the holiday spirit to us, where ever that may be.  

This year is different.  This year is happy.  It is warm and comfortable, and we get to sit on the couch and enjoy snacks and movies with our littles.  We get to hear their grunts and squeals, as they figure out the inner workings of their voices.  We get to clean up their puke and diaper blowouts (because yes, amidst all the holiday prep, that happened last night).  And we get to put them to bed, knowing that they are safe and warm in their own room.  And just a few steps away from us.  But not before I dress them up and force them to smile for my camera. Haha.

Here are some images from our homemade holiday photo shoot.  Enjoy and be merry!


 Disclaimer:  I'm a newb at this photography thing, so any constructive criticism you can offer is welcome!

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