self portrait

I was lucky to enough to get a really nice camera for my birthday this past May, and I really haven't had much time to really learn how to use it.  It's not your typical point and shoot camera.  It has a lot of buttons and settings and acronyms that I know nothing about.  It frustrates me because most of the photos I take of the boys are with my iPhone.  Now that is completely unacceptable.  I mean Instagram is cool and all, but I wanted a nice camera for a reason.  Therefore, over the next few months, I'm going to dedicate a few nights a week to really learn how to use this camera.  And in a effort to hold myself accountable, I hereby declare Tuesdays "photog days".  I'll post a photo or two that I've taken that week with my camera.  I figure it will force me to actually use it.  So here is my first photo:  a holiday self-portrait, if you will.

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