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The boys turned 15 months on Christmas Day so I'm a little late with their "monthday" post.  Please excuse my extreme tardiness...guess I'm a bad blogger.

Christmas Day - 15 months old

At 15 months our world has seriously been turned upside down.  The kids are so fun and active, but that also means that they require a lot of attention.  Even so, this phase of parenthood is so much more rewarding than the newborn itty-bitty phase.  While they sleep a whole lot less and require much more stimulation, nothing is better than being greeted with a "mama" or "dada" (though we're not totally sure if they know that we are mama & dada) or walking into the kitchen to find your boys holding hands in their high chairs.  Melt!  So yea, that's where we are right now.

Aiden is officially cruising and yesterday he used a walking toy for the first time.  It's so funny to see his little body upright, trying to walk.  His favorite thing to do is touch or play with anything that is dirty or unsafe:  Penny's doggie bowls, the diaper trash can, Daddy's shoes...you get the point.  We are currently in the process of Aiden-proofing our Living and Dining rooms.  This translates into:  We placed an order on Amazon for a bunch of baby proof items and we are awaiting their arrival.  In the meantime, there's a lot of, "Aiden, no!  Aiden, be careful!  Aiden, why do you have to touch everything that is dirty?"...and of course a lot of redirection.  

Aiden loves to clap and we're in the process of teaching him how to wave goodbye and blow kisses.  He's officially self-feeding his bottle, which makes life a whole lot easier.  All we need to do is plop him down on his boppy, give him his bottle and he is good to go.  Although at the end of a feeding he is usually covered in milk, because his favorite thing to do in between chugs of milk is to turn his bottle upside down. 

Ryan is still working on sitting unassisted, and while he isn't totally there, he can sit for a few minutes before he face plants :)  His language is really exploding and his favorite time of the day to talk is in the middle of the night.  Last night his monologue lasted from midnight to 2am.  His favorite words are mama, dada, nana, baba, aga, ok and yea.  

We are teaching him how to clap, though this proves a little hard just because of his lack of awareness of his right hand.  Though he gets the idea of clapping, he just needs full use of his hand to actually complete the gesture.  He is improving with this every day.  Yesterday Daddy reported that Ryan actually used his right hand to pick up a puzzle piece, rather than his left.  This is unheard of in this house.  

Both boys are getting better at self feeding.  We've even been giving them large pieces of food to chomp down on.  I was nervous about this at first, and of course we supervise at all times, but they are doing really well.  




Anyone see a trend here?  Ryan is usually examining the food while Aiden scarfs it down.  Needless to say, I have one picky eater.  Hey, you can't win them all. 

They're also interacting so much more.  Since Aiden is mobile and Ryan isn't, you can almost always find Aiden pulling up on whatever surface Ryan is sitting in:  his bumbo seat, his high chair, his rock and play.  It's the sweetest thing.  A couple weeks ago Ryan was whining during tummy time and Aiden came over and laid down next to him.  Loves his brother.  

On the flip side, though, he also loves to torment his brother.  Steal his toys, pull his hair, take off his glasses.  While I'm sure this isn't malicious behavior, just curiosity at this point, we do a lot of redirecting and using the word, "no".  Baby boy has to learn to be nice to his brother.  

We recently started bathing the boys together.  They really love it because this means that they get to play in the bath a bit longer.  We keep Ryan in the infant tub because he still can't sit up on his own, and we throw Aiden in the big tub in there with him.  This came at the suggestion of a fellow preemie mom and it really works great.  

 We also had our first haircuts on their one-year-adjusted birthday.  Yes, on January 6th, they were supposed to have been a year old.  This day was sort of a big deal for me, and while we didn't have a party (because that would probably qualify as me having officially lost it) we did make the day special.  We took the boys out for pizza (side note: it's awesome that they eat table food now because it makes outings so much more relaxed) and then we got haircuts.  The kids were so well behaved and only whined a few times, but no crying!  Then we ended the day at home with some ice cream cake...any excuse in our house to have ice cream cake is a good excuse.  

 Here are some more randoms of the on-goings in our house as of late:

The boys met Santa.

So handsome on Christmas Eve

Aiden must play the guitar at all times

Ryan's Conan hair before we chopped it

Learning how to color = FAIL :)


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