It seems I'm having some trouble keeping up with A&R's monthdays.  I've been late the last few times...whoops!  It's crazy how time slips away from me these days.  But I guess three days late is better than never.

Dearest Aiden, 

My attempt at a 16 month photo shoot with you was a complete failure.  You were not feeling me on this day.  All was not lost however, because I did manage to capture your new trick in the last two frames - you've learned how to play peekaboo!  It is the cutest thing, especially when you do it unprompted.  

At 16 months you are a human hurricane.  You don't sit still...ever.  You love to touch anything that is dirty and/or unsafe.  You have a fire in you that is only quieted for a few small moments each day.  You love to play independently and explore all on your own.  You are going to walk any day now.  You fear nothing and have recently started to let go of whatever you're holding onto and stand independently for a few seconds at a time.  You have this fake laugh that you know grabs our attention.  You love to watch your family having a good time.  You clap your hands, say uh-oh and you have recently learned how to wave goodbye.  You've also said "hi" to us a few times.  You love your doggie, Penny, but unfortunately you have not yet learned how to show that love properly.  Your yanks at her fur are met with a loud yelp and we are working on teaching you how to be gentle.  

You have 6 teeth and one more on the way.  You love to eat anything we give you.  You prefer to hold your own bottle, except right before bed when you like to snuggle for a few minutes while watching your beloved giggle bellies.  You fall asleep on your own, as long as we bring you upstairs and give you a 60 second hug before we put you down.  

You are the light of our lives.  

My sweet, sweet Ryan,

You hate sleep.  For the last 2 months or so you have been dealing with so much.  You have 8 teeth, 4 of which have been giving you grief for quite a while.  Recently, a cold had been plaguing you.  You fight sleep to no end, and when you finally do go down it is only a matter of time before you wake up to hang out for 2 hours.  Only you don't realize that 4am isn't appropriate hang out time :)  It's ok.  Momma and papa are tired, but we know, you're working on big things.  

Your appetite is growing by the day.  Currently you enjoy shoveling fistfuls of food into your mouth, only to gag yourself, throw up and then be ready to eat in a few minutes.  We are practicing self control.  

You watch your busy brother a lot and it is apparent that you would love to crawl around and get into trouble as well.  Don't worry, you'll get there soon.  And when you do, brother will be there to show you the ropes.  

You shake your head no and smile as you do it.  You are slowly getting the hang of clapping your hands and even waving goodbye.  You have entire conversations with us and anyone who will listen.  You like to smirk at us and it always looks as though you're hiding something.  Like you know more than us.  I'm curious to learn your secrets as you grow older.

You are such a sweet boy and you, too, are the light of our lives

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