sleep is overrated

Those are not my words.  Those are the words of my children.  Although they can't speak.  But if they could, that's what they'd say.

You might remember when I posted about A&R not sleeping well.  That was three weeks ago.  And while we did have a couple of days of relief, we still aren't back to normal sleeping habits. 

Let's just rewind to when I was pregnant with the boys.  If you have ever expected a child you know that the #1 thing you will hear from been there done that parents is, "Enjoy your sleep now!".  While Seamus and I rolled our eyes at this notion in the past, I think our experience in the last three weeks has turned us into those been there done that parents.  And it is hard guys!  For real.

Let me give you a glimpse into our most recent horrible night:

7pm:  Kids go down
Between 7pm and 12am:  Kids wake multiple times and need to be coaxed back to sleep only for a few minutes
1am:  Aiden wakes to eat.  His cries wake up Ryan.
2am:  Both kids are fed (but Aiden barely because he only took an ounce or so) and finally back asleep.
3am:   Aiden wakes to eat.  This time he eats an entire bottle.
3:20am:  Aiden is back to sleep.
4am:  Ryan wakes up hysterical.  Thankfully he doesn't wake Aiden but refuses to go back to sleep.  Refuses to eat.  Refuses to sit quietly while momma and papa sleep. 
4:30am:  After half an hour momma takes Ryan downstairs so he doesn't disturb the rest of the house.  He proceeds to whine.
5:30am:  Ryan finally agrees to eat a bottle and falls asleep.  Momma gets to go back to bed and sleeps until 7:30am.

A human was not meant to function on two hours of sleep!

So my analysis of their sleeping habits as of late brought me to the conclusion that they are going through a grow spurt, a sleep regression, and teething all at once.  Holy hell, when will this end?  As a matter of fact, Ryan went from having 2 teeth to having 6 teeth in a week and a half. 

They don't tell you about all this crap when you're pregnant.  They probably should, because it came as a big shock to me. 

In an effort to get our sleeping babies back (they used to sleep from 7pm-7am every night!) we did something a little different last night.  Instead of putting them down at 7, we pushed bedtime to 8 o'clock.  This way we were able to get one more bottle into them, hoping they wouldn't wake for a nighttime feed.  As a result, Aiden slept through the night!  Ryan did wake up and want to party from midnight to 2am, but I'll blame that on teething.  He didn't wake after that and he didn't need a bottle in the middle of the night.

We are on night two of this new bedtime.  And so far so good.  I put the kids down at 8 o'clock and no one has woken up yet.  Cross your fingers and your toes, and anything else you have to cross that we are on the path back to normalcy.  Momma needs her sleep.

**Disclaimer:   This post was written on Friday night.  I definitely spoke to soon.  Ryan was up from 12-3, thinking it was time to party.  When he finally went down, Aiden woke up for a bottle.  Ah, the story of my life.  **

And then last night was worse than ever.  Ryan only slept if he was being held from 9pm-4am.  Ugh, I'm too tired to even finish this post.  Off to make some more coffee.

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