thankful thursday

We all have things going on in our lives.  Things that sometimes make us pose the question, "Why me?".  We are sad, lonely, angry, frustrated, tired, stressed, anxious.  You name it.  It's so easy to get blindsided by all these emotions that we end up going through the motions of our daily lives.  And what happens?  Before you know it, it's a new season.  Time flew by.  You missed out on the last few days, weeks, months.  Time to rotate your winter clothes for spring clothes.  Time to shut off the heat and open the windows.  Time for your kid to graduate from high school, or in my case, you turn around and your kid isn't an infant anymore.  It's heart breaking when you actually sit and think about this:  the fact that the time that has passed will forever stay there, in the past.  For this reason it's important to be thankful.  Even if you have to designate a specific day of the week to consciously think about why your life is good.  Why you are happy.  Why it's worth it to seize the day.  

Thankful Thursday is something I learned from a group of fellow moms who have been a source of support for me in the last 16 months.  

Today I am thankful for heat.  
I am thankful for warm blankets and hot tea.
Thankful for the lives of my children.
For the fact that they are happy babies regardless of any struggles they may have.
And thankful for a husband who is there, who is my rock, who tells us it's ok.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Hi Joanna,
    I have read your blog for awhile but never commented. But this post really resonated with me today. My son, Joshua, was born 5 weeks early and we had a tough time getting him to gain any weight because of a bunch of problems including BM intolerance and silent acid reflux. Unfortunately the first 6 months of his life passed me by because I was focused on all of the dr appts, medicines, stays in the hospital, and worry.

    I thought this was finally all behind us, but I just got a phone call from the dr yesterday and now there is a whole other set of challenges that we must face in the coming months. I spent last night crying "Why us?" but woke up with the attitude that we will get through this and that we need to focus on our beautiful, happy baby boy.

    Today I am thankful for my smiley, happy baby who is much tougher than he looks; for my amazing husband who is my rock; and for iced coffee :) Sorry to write a novel but your post just really spoke to me today :) Thank you for sharing your family's story so I don't feel so alone :)

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