Today, my boys are 17 months old.  Damn.  

I often call them babies, and quickly feel silly doing so because nothing about them is baby-like anymore.  At this point they have grown into little humans with likes & dislikes, opinions & protests, personalities & interests.  

A year ago they were so small, so fragile.  We were all just beginning to figure out how to navigate this new life as a family of four in our own home.  There were many sleepless nights, tons of tears, and a few too many dirty diapers.  But eventually we figured it out and having these two precious gifts in our lives has become our new normal. 

Today, we still have some sleepless nights, but for different reasons.  Development, sickness and surgery have all intruded our quiet nights. 

At 17 months Aiden waves bye-bye, plays peek-a-boo, will hand you an object if you ask for it, plays the drums on every single surface in the house, pinches his belly in the bathtub, dances to his favorite dvd, loves yogurt, bananas and french toast, says mama, bananas and uh oh, is almost walking, loves to climb the stairs, hates his high-chair, and has become the underdog of the bunch.  

Ryan has recently taken the role of bully in our house.  He used to be the timid one and Aiden would pick on him, but things have changed since Aiden had his surgery.  I am confident that things will be back to normal once Aiden fully recovers. 

After months and month of practice, Ryan sat up unassisted the other day for about 20 minutes.  All alone.  No boppy behind him.  No support from us.  All by himself.  His strength has improved so much since starting with a new PT a few months ago and he is becoming more and more active every day.  He loves to eat yogurt and applesauce.  He waves bye-bye and tries to clap his hands.  He randomly squeals.  He will feed you a puff if you ask him to.  And he smirks all day long.  He also kicks his arms and waves his feet if you lay him on his belly (on your lap) and ask him to swim.  My heart melts every single day.

These little monsters have invaded our lives and I feel like the luckiest mama in the world.  
Happy 17 months, boys.  You sure are a trip. 

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