february eleventh

One year ago today, we would make our last trip to the NICU.
One year ago today, we bundled up our almost 5 month old and took him home to join his brother.
One year ago today, after 125 long and hard days in the hospital, Aiden came home and our family was complete. 

He spent most of those days unable to breathe on his own.
Unable to eat on his own.
Unable to find comfort in our touch or our voice.
Unable to be what every baby should be.

He spent the first 4 1/2 months of his life fighting for it.
Fighting for a chance to live.

When he was born he had a 50% chance of surviving.
When his brain bled his doctors warned us that he could be facing some serious disabilities in life.

Today he breathes.  Today he eats.  Today he sleeps. 

He crawls and laughs.  Plays and snuggles.  Torments his brother.  Tries so hard to walk.  Laughs a raspy laugh.  Cries a gentle cry.  He is everything we ever wanted in a son.  And that much more.

We fought alongside him and we didn't give up hope.  He beat the odds he was given.  And he came home where he will grow and learn and flourish. 

One year ago today he was barely 8 pounds.  Today he is almost 20. 
We love you, little boy.  You bring us so much life and so much happiness.  We couldn't imagine this world without you.  It's a privilege to watch you navigate this journey that didn't start off very easily.  And we vow to guide you through whatever it is that your little heart will desire.  Keep on keepin' on.  You make us so proud. 

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