five (randoms) for friday

1.  My entire household is sick.  Ryan seems to have the worst of it, but the rest of us are snotty and tired.  Ugh...bring on the spring please!

2.  I may be slightly obsessed with coffee.  My sister shares my obsession.  More specifically Starbucks coffee.  And no, not a mocha latte but the strong stuff.  It is so good.  Yesterday, as I was leaving the parking lot of Starbucks I heard a commercial on the radio talking about how coffee drinkers tend to be happier.  They then went on to call coffee "happy juice".  Why, yes, it is my happy juice. 
 *Disclaimer:  Starbucks did not ask me to write about their coffee.  All me people.  All me. 

3.  As of late, I have been noticing little signs that my kids are no longer babies.  For example:  they sleep with blankets, they are almost completely off formula, they eat real food and prefer it over milk or pureed food, and...wait for it....their vomit (haha, I know, gross) smells like real people vomit.  It's no longer considered spit up.  Yuck.  

4.  Now that I've grossed you out a bit, I'm in the midst of trying to make my life more efficient.  For instance, I'm trying to get up before the kids do so that I actually have time to get ready for work.  Also, I've created a weekly cleaning schedule.  This way, we only have to do a few things every day instead of spending the entire weekend cleaning.  While I'm on the topic of cleaning, I've invented a thing called swiffer sweepmopping.  Yes, when you are in a time crunch and you need to sweep and mop your floors, just grab your trusty swiffer wet mop and go to town.  You do have to get the technique down though, in order to collect your dust bunnies and debris in one place after you've mopped, instead of everything just ending up back in the corners or your room and wet.  But it's good enough for me.  You're welcome in advance.
*Disclaimer:  Swiffer did not ask me to write about their product nor did I actually invent anything.  


Half my heart.  The other half belongs with their daddy.

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