five (new tricks) for friday

1.  Both boys wave bye-bye without being shown the gesture.  All you have to do is say the words and they will wave.  

2.  Aiden will clap his hands if you simply ask him to clap.  We don't have to show him anymore, or scream yay! in order to get him to do it. 

3.  Ryan gave me a high five the other day, with his right hand.  Voluntarily!  I just about cried.  Seriously, this kid struggles so much with that hand, but he is using it more often all on his own.

4.  Aiden learned how to sign "more".  He also puts his hands on his belly when you ask him to say "me".  And since his cleft repair, he has been producing new sounds. 

5.  Ryan's new thing is throwing food that we put on his tray.  Also, chewing his food, picking it off his tongue, and then throwing that as well.  Yuck.  Boys will be boys?

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