how to outsmart a toddler

I'm pretty sure you've heard this from a million other parents, but my kids are really smart.  Sometimes, they are way too smart for their own good.

Case in point:

Aiden is supposed to wear hearing aids.  He presented with normal hearing to mild hearing loss at his last hearing test, but his doctors still want him to wear the aids.  Well, apparently Mr. Aiden thinks hearing aids taste really good.  As soon as you put them in his ears he takes them out, takes them apart, and proceeds to shove them into his mouth.  The problem with this is A) serious choking hazard & B) hearing aids are operated using button batteries that are extremely harmful if swallowed.  

See my problem here?

Let's shift gears to Ryan.  Ryan is severely nearsighted in his left eye.  That is why he wears glasses.  I won't even go into how he takes them off all day long and chews on them.  No.  What I want to tell you about is how he oh so gingerly removes his eye patch every morning when I put it on him.  He is supposed to wear it for 2 hours a day in hopes that it will strengthen his bad eye.  But no.  The little bugger hates it all of a sudden, and removes it before I can even put his glasses over it.  

See my other problem?

I have two kids who need assistance with one of their five senses, yet they can't keep their little hands to themselves.  

My solution:

I've been using Aiden's arms restraints that we were given after his cleft repair.  I'm hoping that eventually Aiden's fine taste for assistive technology will wear off and eventually he will stop messing with his hearing aids.  And as for Ryan, well Ryan only has to wear his patch for a couple hours a day so it's no big deal to restrain his left arm for that time.  Since he doesn't ever use his right arm, we don't have to restrain it.  And who knows, maybe he will get fed up and actually start using his free arm.  

Here is how the boys feels about all this:

Ma!  What the hell?!

Oh, Curious George is on.  I don't care anymore. 

Clearly I'm also too busy watching tv to care about my arm.

And I'll just give you a quick smile!
Here brother, let me help you with your glasses.  

Whatever.  Let's just play!

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