Life is crazy.  We go a mile a minute, every day.  Sometimes with little or no sleep.  The weeks keep passing us by.  Before we know it, it's Monday again.  And the boys just keep growing and learning new things.  It's really crazy.  At this point I'm ready for the summer (Goodbye, winter!  You're way too cold!!), but I need to remind myself that we will never get these days back.  And I must try and enjoy the boys while they are the age they are.  Tomorrow they will be bigger.

Aiden has fully recovered from his surgery which was already a month ago.  At two weeks post-op we got the ok to begin reintroducing most of his normal foods.  At three weeks his surgeon proclaimed his incision completely healed and remarked that it was his best work yet.  Sounds good to me, doctor!  

I'm not sure if I mentioned, but for two entire weeks Aiden was on a drinking strike.  He wasn't allowed to drink from his bottle so he refused to drink at all.  We spent every day pushing apple sauce and liquids through a syringe to ensure that he didn't get dehydrated.  I had hoped to use this time to transition him to a sippy cup (we were told we can use one without a spout), but my plan was not working.  When we finally got the ok to give Aiden his bottle back, he didn't really know how to suck.  I didn't even realize that this would happen, but it makes sense since his entire mouth is different.  So after a few attempts, we decided to offer the sippy again.  We gave him a choice between his bottle and sippy.  He took the bottle, threw it to the ground, grabbed his sippy and started chugging.  Weirdo.  So he's completely off bottles at this point.  

Ryan, as you all know, is struggling with sleep.  Though the changes we implemented seem to be helping a little.  Last night he only woke up at 4:30 for a bottle (no more bagels!!) and then fell back asleep pretty quickly.  I am still waiting on some other stuff I ordered which I hope will help him even more, and I'll report back once we implement everything.  Hopefully making him more comfortable is the key to help him sleep.  Not only for our sanity, but baby boy needs his rest too.  

Speaking of which, tomorrow is a big day for him.  When Ryan was diagnosed with CP, I mentioned that his physiatrist wanted to have him evaluated by his team of therapists.  Even though he's been evaluated and receives services through Early Intervention, we have agreed to these additional evaluations.  I think that they will give us more insight into where he is developmentally as well as where he can realistically be.  Perhaps this will also aid in getting us additional services.  So, tomorrow he will be evaluated by a Physical and Occupational Therapist out of Rusk (NYU).  And then next week is his Speech Evaluation.  Please think of our little boy, as these evaluations tend to be a little tough on him.  

 And before I go, some of the recent happenings in our home:

Daddy & me - I'm so lucky to have these three <3

Sorry about the horrible pic quality, but they're really starting to interact/play/fight.  Brothers for life. 

Poor, sick Ryan :(  He's better now, though!

Just hangin' out on a Saturday

Sick & clingy Aiden = Tired momma

Aiden resting while he had the flu & looking like a teenager!  When did he get so big?!

Ryan got a Valentine from a very special friend

Aiden's new favorite thing is wearing sunglasses

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