Ever since A&R were born, I've seen so much good around us.  Our family and friends, and even aquaintances and strangers, have done nothing but surround us with love, support and generosity. 

Today, I want to bring your attention to two people who have recently shown us their generosity.  Our dear friends, Joe & Brendan, owners of WeBleedBlue.com will be donating our team shirts for our MOD walk this year.  When they offerred to do this, I was seriously floored, humbled, touched. 

These are two people who took their passion and a kickass idea, and turned it into something big.  Their merchandise is like no other and their mission revolves around the fans. 

Do yourself a favor and pin their shop, like them on facebook, and follow them on instagram & twitter.

I was going to share the final proof of our shirts becuase I'm so frieken excited about them, but I decided to wait until I have them in hand.  I know you love the suspense. 

Edited to add:  While you're all up in there perusing through all their social media, go ahead and purchase some merchandise too.  Please & thank you. 

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