Hi friends.  Happy Wednesday.  It is Wednesday, isn't it?  Sorry, my brain is in a fog from lack of sleep.  Yes, I'm still singing that tune.  Before I elaborate, let me give you a glimpse into my world:  I currently have an almost walker, a barely sleeper and an injured spouse.  Also, let me apologize for neglecting you.  I know that there are at least two people out there who anxiously await our updates and I'm sorry for not posting in the last two weeks.  Kidding...there are three.  Maybe :)

Moving on to why I am not sleeping.  No, it's not my insomnia.  Lord knows I do not have insomnia.  Just ask my doting husband who loves the fact that I can fall asleep at the drop of a dime.  Especially when he struggles to fall asleep many a night.  You may remember when I posted about Ryan's sleep troubles.  Well, things are better.  Not perfect, but better than they've been.  The most important thing I want to mention is that every few days Ryan grants us an entire night of sleep.  For him this usually means 8ish pm to around 5 or 5:30am.  I can deal with that.  Some other nights he only wakes once or twice, and is quickly rocked back to sleep.  

What the what?!  You rock your 18 month old to sleep?!  (That's supposed to be you, by the way).

Yes, yes I do.  I cannot imagine letting my child cry it out.  Not yet anyway.  And not because I'm a wimp.  We do it with Aiden.  But Aiden is different and we know that after 1-5 minutes (15 on the worst days) Aiden will just put himself to sleep.  But Ryan...well Ryan has this thing where he throws up if he gets too upset and that is the main reason we won't let him cry it out.  That, and my fear that his sleep issues are directly related to his neurological disorders and so I don't want to make him suffer for something that is not purely behavioral.  I'm sure you understand.  If he were able to move and maneuver his little body into the most comfy position for him, we may consider sleep training.  But at this point I think it's unfair.  Many times he wakes and cries out (as if in pain) only to calm right down once we turn him on his side or his back.  He just needs to be comfy.  

So like I said, things have been better.  We've continued Ryan's bedtime massages and swaddling him for the night.  And we purchased a fluffy mattress topper to make his bed a little more Ryan friendly.  I don't know if it's one or all of these things that have made a difference, but I'm glad to say that our household isn't sleep deprived every day now.  It's more like 2 out of 3 days.  I'll take it.  Hopefully as he gets older it will get better.  And seriously, when I rock this baby to sleep (sometimes, lately for 40 or more minutes) I can't help but melt when I look down to see this in my arms:

Sleep, sweet baby, sleep.  You have to grow big and strong. 

Moving on to Aiden.  Wow, this kid is ready to take off.  I know I've been saying that he's thisclose to walking forever.  But this time it's for real.  The last few days he's been standing up independently from a seated position without having to hold on to anything for support.  He will stand in the middle of the room for up to a minute, contemplating taking that first step.  And when he does, he quickly smirks and squats back down.  He just needs to gain a little confidence to know that he can do it.  We know he can.  He just needs to figure it out himself.  We're in no rush, but it's an exciting milestone that we are anticipating with great joy.  A milestone that a year and a half ago we weren't sure we would ever see.   A great achievement.  A step (pun intended) that will open doors he never imagined in his little toddler mind.  Boy are we in trouble.  Baby boy is a handful as it is.  A walking handful is something I'm not sure we're prepared to deal with.  But deal with it we will.  And with open, loving arms at that.  

Aiden's new favorite thing is wearing sunglasses.  He loves it even more when you call him a cool dude while he wears them.  Be still my heart.  Oh and the tongue?  That's new too.  Ever since he had his palate repaired.  It's like he doesn't have a place to put his tongue.  haha.

 Before I say goodbye for the day, I wanted to ask everyone for your prayers.  Not for my babies, no.  For my husband.  My dear husband injured himself this weekend and has found himself with a torn rotator cuff and a fractured shoulder.  He's in a lot of pain but he deals with pain like a real man so he's not complaining.  haha.  And he sees an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to discuss treatment.  Please pray that he can avoid surgery.  Seamus is A&R's primary caregiver during the day, and you can imagine how having only one functioning arm can put a cramp in his style.  In his words, "Two mouths (to feed), two asses (to wipe) and one arm.  Great."  Sorry babe, I had to steal that.  It made my day and I truly laughed out loud.  Maybe it will make someone else's day too.  

Family photo from this weekend.  Although 1/2 of our family refused to look at the camera. 

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