Hi friends.  It seems I've let two weeks go by without posting.  Never fear, I'm still here.  Two weeks is such a small amount of time in the real world, but up in here it can seem like an eternity.  I know, I know...I owe you guys like a million updates.  Forgive me, it's just that time has been slipping away from me. 

Things have been a little different in the hydrobaby household as of late.  I recently tweaked my work schedule a bit so that I have Fridays off.  This translates to a longer work day Monday through Thursday, but it's definitely worth it.  My main reason for wanting Fridays off was to quit having to take time off for the many specialist appointments that the boys have each month.  And as a result, I get some Friday freebies and some much needed family time with the hubs.  ::winning::

However, I must say that Fridays leave me pooped.  Staying home with twin toddlers is not for the faint at heart.  I've only been doing it one day a week for about a month or so and by bedtime I am done.  DONE.  If you take into account the fact that I'm not actaully alone with them until 1:30 when Seamus leaves for work, well you can see that I'm a total wimp.  But, I love these boys and it is super fun to spend some extra time with them.  My heart feels full.   

It's been almost 3 weeks since Seamus injured his shoulder.  He saw an orthopedic surgeon last week and if you prayed, your prayers worked because he managed to avoid surgery.  For now.  He was instructed to rest his shoulder (translate: not to use it at all) for a month.  Once he goes back to the doctor we will find out if he is healing properly on his own or if he will, in fact, need surgery.  Turns out he has a fractured shoulder after all and a torn rotator cuff.  Please keep Seamus in your thoughts.  He certainly has been a trooper through this whole ordeal and he could use some positive vibes. 

Other than that 3/4 of our household is sick and if you count Seamus' shoulder...well we are all technically out of commission.  I was just thinking the other day how nice it is to be out of flu season and to have two healthy kids.  Well not a day later Ryan started with a runny nose.  Soon followed by coughing and a fever.  Needless to say any headway we were making with sleep (which we did actually make a lot of progress, watch out for an upcoming post on the exiciting world of Ryan's sleep) has been shot to shit.  Poor kid has a faucet nose and it's keeping him up all.night.long.  Aiden seems to have the same cold, but he started with two bouts of vomiting on Sunday, which automatically got our gears turning about whether or not this is an indication of shunt failure. 

Side note:  Our lives are fairly normal.  Most of the time.  But whenever sickness hits, you question yourself as a parent.  Is this ER worthy?  Is it his shunt or just a plain old virus, or something he ate?  Then you bring in Dr. Google who only confirms that ANY change in behavior can indicate shunt failure.  This is enough to make you go bat shit crazy.  We're fairly certain his shunt is fine, but for a minute there we were in panic mode. 

So that's where we're at right now.  We have the MOD walk coming up on Sunday, and I'm so, so excited.  We have a team of 40 walkers this year.  40!  My heart weeps tears of joy when I think of the support our boys have had over the last two years.  And although we feel this support daily through our family & friends, it's nice to have a day to celebrate that.  We've raised over $3,500 so far, and I hope that by Sunday we reach $4k!  I also hope we all get past this sickness (myself included, I woke up with what appears to be Ryan's cold) so that we can enjoy the day. 

I'll be posting a lot more this week, including some updates about Aiden walking, Ryan's development & private therapy, and some other fun stuff we've been doing lately.  But before I go, I leave you with this: 

My boys on Easter Sunday.

My boys at the park.

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  1. I've missed your updates and cannot wait to read more!


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