march for babies

Our March of Dimes walk was this past Sunday.  I am so proud and thrilled to announce that we surpassed our fundraising goal by $2,000!  Thanks to all our team members who raised funds & donated, and also to all those who couldn't be with us but wanted to show their support by making their own donations.  You know what this means?  Next year I am doubling our fundraising goal and we have some ideas already brewing about a fundraising event that we'd like to have.  If you haven't donated to Team Raiden and think it's too late, it's not.  The MOD will actually be accepting donations for this year's walk until June 30th.  Just click on the button to your right!

Sunday was gorgeous.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  This year we walked out of Eisenhower Park instead of Manhattan.  This was way more convenient in terms of parking and what not.  And the park was really nice to walk through.  We had a team of 40 people with us, plus kids. 

After the walk we invited everyone to our place for some lunch and drinks.  It was a long day but I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Babies included.  I was kind of sad when the day was over.  I think the March for Babies will always be a big deal for me.  We planned and planned for this day, this day to celebrate and show our appreciation for the lives of our children, and then it was gone.  But at least we get to do it again next year.

Thanks everyone for supporting us, donating to our team, walking with us, and loving us.  It means the world to us and that much more. 

A special thank you to WeBleedBlue.com for donating our t-shirts this year!  They came out wonderful.

And thank you to Ag, Kristy & Adam for taking photos.  Here are some of them, though there are so many more!

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  1. LOVE those shirts, especially yours! ;)


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