ryan, oh ryan

Our little friend, Ryan, has had a lot going on lately.

Back in January, little man was diagnosed with CP.  Subsequently, he had some evaluations at NYU that were ordered by his physiatrist.  These evaluations didn't really tell us anything we don't already know.  Ryan is significantly delayed in his gross motor skills.  Ryan has trouble using his right arm and right side of his body.  Ryan needs therapy.  The clinicians at NYU recommended that in addition to his Early Intervention Services, Ryan should be receiving private therapy.  They wanted twice a week for PT and twice a week for OT.  At first this was a little shocking and sent us into panic mode.  How will we fit in four more therapy sessions each week on top of the 19 (yes, 19!) that A&R already get each week?!  This is crazy talk.

Well, after some thought and the opportunity to check our emotions, we decided that we can swing once a week and were all about private therapy.  After all, it would help Ryan get the equipment he needs much faster (We suspect he will need a stander and/or walker at some point).  So we started the process of getting it approved by insurance, and as luck would have it our insurance company denied our claim based on "overlapping services".  Since he is getting so much therapy already through EI, they decided he doesn't need any more.  We can appeal, which we will (mental note:  send in appeal).  But for now we've been focusing on the strides that Ryan has been making with his wonderful and dedicated EI therapists.

Case in point:  One day, yes, one day after Aiden took his first steps, Ryan stood.  He needed assistance from both his therapist and a fitness ball.  But this kid, who previously couldn't bear any weight on his own two feet, said, "I want to walk too!" and he stood.  Since then we've been doing some nifty exercises to help strengthen his legs and get him used to feeling the weight of his body being supported by them and he is really making progress.

As if this wasn't huge enough, Ryan surprised us all last week when he decided enough is enough and he rolled.  Now I know I posted before that he rolled with the assistance of his therapist, but this time he did it all alone.  No one positioned him, no one helped him.  He did it by himself.  For your viewing pleasure:

He's done it around 5 or 6 times since then, but he has to be in the mood and it is always accompanied by some whining.  Regardless, he has learned to manipulate his own body and this is a huge step in the right direction.

His sleep, however, has gone back in the wrong direction.  Ryan is in the middle of getting a bunch of teeth, and so, he isn't sleeping again.  We are trying our best to make him comfortable, and I have a few new tricks up my sleeve, but in the meantime we are living on little to no sleep again.  And caffeine.  Lots and lots of caffeine.

That about does it for Ryan.  He's really grown in the last week.  His face has changed and he looks like a little boy now.  Even though I ask him, "Who's the baby?" and he gestures towards himself, I know he's not.  He's no longer a baby, but a toddler.  And here is a video to show you just how grown he is.


  1. Your boys never cease to amazing me, <3

  2. Love this boy so much. Our Ryan's need to get together. Your Ryan gives me so much hope!! You are such an amazing mommy <3


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