you can't stop him now

A couple weeks ago I posted that Aiden has started to walk. He took his first six steps only hours after I mentioned that we knew he would walk soon.  He then promptly took a nose dive to the floor but got back up and took three more steps.  He's been practicing ever since and he can walk up to 30 steps at this point without falling down.  He still crawls quite a bit, but it's mostly because he gets so excited walking that inevitably he falls down.  He practices every day though, and he has learned to pivot and turn, and he even does this little hop. 

It took two weeks, but I finally captured it on video.  It's so weird to see him walking around like a little drunken man.  He sure has made us proud.  


 Aiden - don't ever stop working hard for what you want.  This is only the beginning of what the world has to offer. 

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