Darn!  I missed it again.  Yesterday the boys turned 21 months.  I'm off by a day, which is much better than it's been lately.  Which is fitting because that's how our family operates lately.  Not perfect, but better than it's been.  And when I say operates, I really mean Ryan and his sleep.  Ha!

This is yesterday, at 21 whole months:

It is such a struggle to get nice photos of these two.  Most come out blurry like the top two, because well ya know, toddlers don't like to sit still.  A lot of the photos I capture are of Ryan looking at Aiden like the bottom left.  He really loves his big brother.  <3  The final photo, with some filter help from the forgiving IG, is at the bottom right.  These two kill me.  They look so big with their hair parted to the side and in their old man white t-shirts.  

For shits and giggles, let's see where we were one year ago:

9 months old.  Such little bebes.  

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