Today the boys are 22 months old.  You know what that means?  They are only two months away from 2 years old!  When and how did that happen?  Seriously, I feel like their first birthday was just yesterday.  Time certainly does fly.  Yes, when you're having fun.  But also when you're busy wrangling toddlers all day long. 

These kids sure are a handful, and we are right smack in the middle of toddlerhood tantrums.  They cry and whine for every reason, and sometimes for no reason at all. 

Their favorite word is "up", which they use in the right context most of the time.  They say "up" when they want to be picked up.  But also if you ask them what they want (in an effort to minimize the unnecessary whining) they will answer with "up" 99% of the time, even if what they really want is milk, or food, or more Thomas.

Which brings me to their favorites.  A&R love watching Thomas & Friends with their daddy.  Their favorite part of the show is the end when the song comes on.  They both start smiling immediately.  Daddy picks up Ryan and Aiden quickly jumps into his lap.  They sit there and sing along, and have the cheesiest smiles on their faces.  All three of them.

Super Why is another favorite show in our house, which I credit for teaching the boys their alphabet.  Yes, you heard that right.  At 22 months (19 months adjusted) they know their A,B,Cs.  Aiden can point out almost any letter and identify it correctly.  Sometimes he confuses E for F or says "meow" instead of "W', but most of the time he gets his letters right.  Ryan watches closely and is slowly learning.  He doesn't quite know as many letters as Aiden, but he is getting there.  We are now working on counting from 1 to 10.

A&R's communication has improved dramatically just over the last few weeks.  I would say that they probably have 20-30 words at this point, maybe more.  Some favorites are up, down, in, out, hi, bye, milk, more, eat, all done, car, cat (and meow), cow (and moo), big, sleep, baby, mama, dada, nana, babi (grandma), baba (bottle), wawa (water).  I'm sure there are more that I am forgetting.  

Aiden has officially mastered walking, for a while now.  He's been trying to jump lately and he can climb up on the couch.  And Ryan, well, you saw what Ryan has been working on in yesterday's post.  
Mealtimes are getting to be a little more difficult.  Neither child likes to sit still for very long, especially Aiden.  So breakfast is currently consumed picnic styled on our living room floor.  Lunch and dinner are still confined to high chairs, but it's a struggle.  The boys will take a couple bites and immediately want "down" or "out".  I tried putting them at the dining room table in boosters to help remedy the situation.  It worked for a little while but we are back to "out" & "down". 

We have a million teeth between the two of them.  Seriously, in the last few weeks I think we've seen 12 new teeth.  Including molars.  Oh how much I hate molars.  They make my happy, fun babies turn into sad, whiney children.  We are currently experiencing some relief but I know that the two year molars are right around the corner.

Favorite songs to sing include the itsy bitsy spider (complete with some clumsy hand gestures) and Old McDonald.  

Each boy has a stuffed animal that they call their "baby".  They like to sleep with them and use them for comfort.  Aiden's is a monkey and Ryan's is a lion.  Funny enough, they use them interchangeably.   
Every day they pick up a new word or gesture.  Both boys give the best hugs and kisses.  And they even give each other high fives (prompted, of course).  

Our lives are filled with so much joy.  Some days are hard.  Scratch that, all days are hard.  But in the end we realize that we are so lucky to watch these two boys grow and learn.  Soon enough they won't be this little anymore.  And our hard days will get a little harder (hello, terrible twos).  But it's important to sit back and soak up every detail now.  They change so fast. 

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