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The heat.  It's really, really hot.  But I guess you already knew that.  Doesn't bother me all that much, I love the summer heat.  I only wish I could bask in the summer sun all day long, next to the pool that I don't have in my backyard.  

Moving on.

Summer seems to be flying by, and we've been keeping busy with our growing boys.  Lots of therapy, some doctor appointments sprinkled in, and as much family time as we can fit in.  It's a little hard with Seamus and I working opposite schedules, but Sundays are our days.  And lately all of are Sundays start off with a lunch date with our boys.  Our recent faves are Five Guys and Chili's.  Look at how much fun we have.

The boys acquired a new toy that they absolutely adore.  It came from Target.  It is a box.  Yes, a very large cardboard box.  Seriously, I don't even know why we have real toys in this house.  Just throw them (or place gently) in a box and they have a blast.  

We celebrated the 4th of July by BBQing (and also celebrated two very special friends and their bun in the oven, who also happens to be A&R's bff).

 The boys got their first pair of crocs.


Aiden experienced true sadness one morning.  Why, you ask?  Who the heck knows.  Probably because he is a toddler and his current favorite thing to do is whine and have tantrums.  haha.

But we made up for it a few days later with his first ice cream cone.  Mr. Ryan missed out on the fun because he was napping.

Finally, Aiden had a follow up appointment with the oral surgeon who performed his cleft repair.  Everything looks beautiful.  He remarked that Aiden's palate now looks like a typical palate.  We spoke a little bit about Aiden's lip.  He has what is called a microform cleft.  It looks like a scar on his upper lip.  Basically he was about an inch away from having a cleft lip as well.  Anyway, Seamus and I decided long ago to leave his lip alone.  It doesn't bother us and he's beautiful the way he is.  If Aiden decides that it's something he wants fixed when he's older, we will revisit it then.  But for now, no more surgery.  We will continue to follow up with the oral surgeon once a year (slowly crossing doctor appointments off our list!) and at age 7 or so Aiden will require surgery on his gums.  Unfortunately his cleft reached his gumline, so when he smiles you can see a space in his gums to the left of his front teeth.  But that can't be repaired until his permanent teeth come in.  For now though, he's done. 

Life is busy.  Life is fun.  Life is ours.

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  1. Just read all the June and July blogs and I love your little boys! Wishing you a great summer with your boys


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