The boys turned 23 months this past Sunday.  Seamus was under the weather so Aiden, Ryan and myself headed out bright and early for a long, long walk just to give him some peace and quiet.  We went to the park and Ryan promptly fell asleep.  True to form, Aiden started getting a little antsy in his stroller so I released him and let him walk next to me.  He had a great time looking at the flowers and trees and grass, which could identify properly.  He pointed out some kids playing with a ball.  He spotted his milk cup in the bottom of the stroller and reached for it.  He even tried to run away from me.  Two years ago I could never have imagined this day. 

We came home to a poppa who missed his kids.  And despite being sick he decided we should all go to Home Depot to pick up a few essentials.  This is what we do now.  Because we are adults.  Still seems a little surreal to me at times.  Sundays are not for lazying around and nursing hangovers anymore.  They are for trips to Home Depot and yard work while the littles nap.  Which is exactly what happened.  We worked on our yard for a while and A&R rested.  At around 5pm, shit hit the fan.  We had just finished dinner and we were relaxing out back with some friends, and then it hit me.  You see, A&R were sick with Roseola last week.  Or something very similar.  Fevers and general crankiness, followed by rashes.  Then I got the fever and a wicked headache.  But after a couple days I was feeling better.  On Sunday, though, is when the rash appeared.  All over my face and the rest of my body.  And the headache came back, only ten times worse.  And pain killers were not helping, my friend.  Not at all.  

My sister put the kids to bed and I tried to go to sleep at 8pm.  Only now it was 2am and this headache was not letting me sleep.  Once the sun came up, I knew we were in trouble.  Both parents sick as dogs, and two healthy toddlers ready to get the day started is not a recipe for success.  Thank the lord for mommas and sisters because they took the kids early in the morning and kept them overnight in order to give us some much needed rest. 

Fast forward to today, and unfortunately Seamus is still battling fevers and headaches.  Please send him some get well wishes and healthy vibes.  We need our poppa back!  

As far as the kids, they're doing great.  They're talking more than ever.  We've approached two word phrase territory, starting with simple things like, "Hi momma" and "Night night".  They are so adorable when they speak.  

They are obsessed with Thomas & Friends, and perk up as soon as they hear the song.  Aiden even tries to sing it.  They also know the order of the engines in the song and sometimes call out their names before the song does.  

We're working on perfecting the alphabet and starting to learn our numbers.  

We recently dabbled in self feeding with utensils, which gave me a mini heart attack, because hello mess!  But they actually did pretty well and I found that they eat more when I give them a fork with dinner and put their food on a little divided plate, rather than straight on their tray.  

Aiden no longer walks, he speed walks.  He tries to jump, but it's really just him on his tippy-toes.  Ryan is the most mobile he's ever been.  He's not crawling, but he is scooting everywhere and he will transition from sitting to laying (even on his tummy!!) to get what he wants.  Sometimes he falls over and gets stuck because his right arm ends up in a funny position, and this is where we have to practice tough love.  Rather than picking him up, we've had to teach him to get himself into a position where he can sit back up.  It has caused some tears and whining, but ya know what?  He gets back up.  Breaks my momma heart sometimes, but doing it for him now won't help him in the future.  In the last few days, Ryan has surprised us by using his right hand unprompted.  It still doesn't work the way it should, and he does get frustrated, but he is trying so, so hard.  That boy is my hero.  (So is his brother.)


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