A couple weeks ago A&R had their first second beach adventure.  I chose not to write about their first experience because it was a disaster.  And since it was a disaster I didn't have any photos to document the day.  Let's just say our car overheated and we were stranded at the beach in 99 degree weather.  Thank the lord for husbands (and daddies) because mine (husband, that is) left work to come and save us.  A panicked trip home and a few hundred dollars later our car was fixed but the trauma of that day forever haunts my dreams.  I know, dramatic.

I am glad to say though, that attempt #2 went much better.  We timed their morning nap for the ride to the beach.  We packed snacks and toys, beach umbrellas and chairs.  We arrived at the beach early enough that it wasn't too hot yet and we camped out right near the water.  Aiden got over his fear of sand and Ryan acquired a new fear of seagulls.  He liked them so much at first, but when one tried to steal the pretzel out of his hand...well let's just say baby boy was none too pleased. 

The beach isn't like it used to be pre-kids.  There is no laying out for hours and hours, letting the sun bake your skin.  Drinking Coronas and reading trashy magazines.  No, now the beach is different.  You sit and watch as your kids try to navigate the small space you claim as your own on this huge sand and water filled piece of land.  You laugh when they decide that they want to eat the sand and the face they make when they realize how terrible of an idea that was.  You apply and re-apply sunblock so that the summer sun doesn't scorch their pearly white skin.  And then you get pissed when you realize you missed a spot and your kid got burned.  

You sit there and you take photos of them.  Doing the most random and mundane things.  But these photos mean so much.  Because time doesn't stop.  And my babies aren't stopping.  Every day they look different, act different, learn something new.  

These are the experiences I cherish.  These are the photos I will look back on when I realize time moves way too fast.  And these are the ones that will help me forget that awful first trip to the beach.  Ha!

Love my boys

Ryan clearly enjoying his pretzel, seconds before the seagull tried to steal it

Brothers just hanging on the beach

Aiden walking the sand, which he previously refused to do

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