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Earlier this week, I was given the opportunity to guest blog over at Papas of Preemies.  You can check out my post here.

Papas of Preemies is a wonderful resource and necessary voice in the world of prematurity.  Often times, as I've witnessed myself in the last two years, papas are forgotten in this journey.  And that isn't really fair.  

Because this journey isn't mine.  It is ours.  And although I often speak in first person when I blog about Aiden & Ryan, their father - my husband - has been an integral part of my healing process.  

Be sure to visit Papas of Preemies, and like their facebook page.  Even if you aren't a papa, or a papa to a preemie.  They share some interesting blog posts, articles, and even thoughts of the day.

Thanks Papa Joel, for letting me share my story of hope.

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