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My kids have shared a lot of things.  Their first home, my ute.  haha.  Their second home, the NICU.  Their forever home.  Our home.  

As brothers, and especially as twins, they have and always will have to share something.  Toys, clothes, food, the flu, mommy & daddy. 

I posted this photo that Seamus took on Instagram, with the caption that "they'll even share a laundry basket".  

I often look back at the photos I share, and smile, trying to picture what they look like to someone outside of our little world.  And what immediately struck me, and touched me today, was that Aiden & Ryan share something else that will overshadow all the things I've mentioned above.  They share a diagnosis.  

Hydrocephalus is, and forever will be, a part of Aiden & Ryan.  And when they feel alone or different, or even sad about it, they will always have each other to lean on.  Someone who understands without needing an explanation.  Someone who knows exactly what it feels like.  Someone who is a little more like them.

As parents you worry that your kids will be teased, taunted, made fun of.  You worry that they will be sad and cry.  You worry that you can't always be around to make things better.  As weird as it sounds, knowing that A&R share something so profound puts my mind at ease and more importantly, my heart.  

I would never wish this on them.  But life is what it is.  And if this is the hand they were dealt, I feel peace knowing that they will always have each other to lean on.  During good times and bad.   

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