I know, I know.  I already posted about the boys' birthday yesterday.  But, like I've said before, I'm going to stop the "monthday" posts at age 2.  So let me just have my cake and eat it too.  

At two years old, we can barely keep up with Aiden & Ryan.  Let's just say that things are hectic and our house is usually in a state of turmoil, but life is so much fun.  Here's a quick summary of what we're up to:

Therapy:  Aiden & Ryan still receive daily therapy at home.  We have PT, OT, ST and a special education teacher.  That all will change in a couple of weeks when we send them to a center for 6 hours a week of therapy.  As a result we lose our special education teacher because the center will provide those services for us.  

Medical appointments:  Are becoming fewer and father between.  On top of their pediatrician, we still see their neurosurgeon, Aiden's plastic surgeon (both once a year now!), Ryan's eye doctor, Aiden's ENT & audiologist...and I think that's it.  We stopped going to the high risk clinic, which was a program that we were involved in since discharge from the NICU.  We decided that they can't tell us anything we don't already know, or that our therapists and own physicians can't tell us, so we closed that chapter of A&R's life.  

Gross motor:  Aiden is walking, running and climbing.  He is a walking time bomb.  Rarely sits still.  His current favorite activity is jumping on the couch.  Ryan is officially mobile.  He gets around by rolling, stretching and scooting on his bottom.  He has attempted army crawling, so we are working on that.  We are also doing a lot of standing exercises to help strengthen his legs, and he has started to get the concept of walking.  When holding on to our hands he will put one foot in front of the other, rather that trying to jump and moving both feet at once.  

Speech:  Both boys are talking up a storm.  Aiden has caught up to his actual age in this area, and is even showing some 3 year old skills.  He can recite and identify all the letters of the alphabet.  He can count to 20.  He had tons and tons of words, well over 50.  And he is even using two word phrases.  He understands everything and seems to have a photographic memory.  Ryan is not too far behind, scoring at around an 18 month level for speech.  He repeats everything we say, can identify a lot of animals and tell us what sound they make.  He can count to 10 and knows many letters of the alphabet.  He also has around 50 words.  

Eating:  The boys eat absolutely everything.  Their current favorites are eggs, pizza, muffins, cereal, fig newtons and z bars.  I've recently switched Ryan to almond milk hoping it will help him sleep better at night (make him less gassy).  Hasn't really done much, but his appetite has greatly improved.  I'm thinking of making the switch for Aiden too.

Sleep:  The boys are officially down to one nap.  Aiden still sleeps through the night.  Ryan is still a struggle.  He no longer wakes for 2-3 hours each night, but he will not sleep in his crib and he still needs help getting to sleep.  We are thinking of converting his crib to a toddler bed to see if that helps.  

Favorite things:  Thomas & Friends, Super Why, playing with our phones/iPads, balls, cars & trains, their new pet cat, pretending to talk on the phone, mommy & daddy, saying cheese for the camera. 

Happy birthday, boys!  You have made me a proud momma.  In your two short and very fast years, you've taught me about strength, courage, hope and a love so deep that I never knew existed.  I'll love you forever, for always, to the moon and back.  Keep on, keepin' on.

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