autumn. take two.

It's that time again.  Too chilly for shorts and sandals.  As a matter of fact, today I probably could've rocked boots.  Two years ago, around this time, I was being admitted to the hospital where I would lay for five days until inevitably, A&R would be delivered.  

This time last year I wrote this.   

I'm not exactly sure where I am emotionally this year.  It certainly isn't as hard as it was the first time around.  During the first anniversary.  

I'm being kinder to myself.  No longer searching for someone to blame.  Translate:  myself.  

Instead, I've been reveling at the idea that I have a pair of almost two year olds at home.  They're fun.  They're happy.  They're naughty.  They whine.  They smile.  They hug & kiss.  They fight with each other.  And they tell us "no!".  They are everything they are supposed to be.  

Autumn is upon us, and I think it's safe to say that I am learning to enjoy it again.  Sure, there are small flashbacks here and there.  Of the bed rest, the NICU, the small beings that have turned into toddlers.  That is inevitable.  I think it always will be. 

But it's easier.  Easier to let go and just enjoy being a family.  I couldn't control the circumstances that got us here.  But I can control - mostly - how I enjoy the result of those circumstances.  My boys.

A lot is going on in our household:  party planning, organizing, purging, teaching, learning, school (possibly).  More on those things to come.  For now, take a moment to enjoy my boys.

Fun times at the supermarket.

Fun times at the park.

 Oh, and meet our new family member, Opie.  The boys love him. 

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