cruising in hawaii

I started this post a few days after we returned home, and it was chock full of complaints about the kids' sleep, or lack thereof.  I promptly deleted that shit because honestly I couldn't stand to read it myself so why, oh why, would you want to read about it?!

I will say (again) that a week after our trip, we all came down with what appeared to be Roseola, more commonly known as the plague.  Ok, that is a lie.  But that's sure what it felt like.  Seriously, we could not even care for our children.  You can read more about it here.  Clearly I'm traumatized by this sickness since I'm writing about it again.  Trauma and also to explain why it's been silent here for a while. 

 So, about our trip.  We planned for this trip for about a year, all the while knowing it would be difficult with twin toddlers.  But we were willing to overlook that small detail since we were traveling with family who could help. 

We took an 11 hour flight to Honolulu, where we would embark on a cruise ship that would take us to four different Hawaiian islands.  I was terrified of flying with the kids, but in reality it wasn't all that bad.  The kids did pretty well.  Slept some.  Ate some. (We brought tons of snacks!)  The iPad was a must-have.  The toys I packed weren't really used, besides some of their books.  Aiden did get a little stir crazy toward the end of the flight, but we had a lot of hands on deck to help keep him occupied.  Besides it being a bit of a nuisance to follow him through the aisles, it was fine.  Seriously could have been much worse.  Unfortunately, Ryan did get sick at one point on the flight.  We were prepared though and had plenty of sick bags ready.  No one needed a change of clothing after the incident, but I definitely recommend shoving some into your carry-on for everyone traveling with you.  It was definitely harder than flying solo, and at hour 8 I wanted to rip my eyeballs out because I couldn't stand the plane any longer.  But the experience wouldn't keep me from flying with the kids in the future. 

Enjoying the iPad on the plane.  Seriously a life saver.

Our mistake was taking the kids to a location that had a 6 hour time difference.  It was so hard on them, and I didn't realize how hard it would be until we arrived and A&R woke up at 3:30 the next morning ready to go for the day.  Luckily the ship had a diner that was open 24 hours, so we headed there for a very early breakfast. 

Walking around the ship at 3am.  Failing miserably at taking a selfie of the four of us.
At the diner.
We spent the rest of the morning walking around the ship, drinking coffee, looking at the ocean and taking photos.

The rest of the trip was interesting.  Traveling with kids was totally not what I expected.  Probably silly of me to think that I would have time to lounge by the pool.  haha.   We couldn't really do any excursions, mostly because they involved a lot of driving and the kids weren't too keen on spending time in the cheap rental car seats.  So we spent most of our time on and around the ship. 

I think next time we take A&R on vacation, it has to be somewhere closer, maybe even somewhere we can drive.  It's not that we didn't have a good time.  I mean, we had the help of our family, and our boys are good at adapting to new schedules.  But inevitably, at this age, kids gets cranky when they don't sleep well.  Cranky kids make for cranky parents.  And cranky parents are no fun to be around.  Nonetheless, we did have some fun times and we did make some memories.  Our motto of the trip became "small moments".

A&R enjoying the towel animals and breakfast on the deck

Selfies & fedoras.  Because what is a vacation with either of these two?

Rain makes rainbows

A&R being cuties
We stopped at a beach on the side of the road  
The reality of traveling with kids:  you clip nails whenever you can (them things grow fast!)
Our last night we went to a Luau and the kiddos passed out.  We were pretty tired ourselves.

We have way more photos, but they currently reside on my sister's camera.  Once I get those I will post some more. 

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