you never know what the future holds

Two years ago today, A&R had just turned 4 weeks old.  We spent our days in and out of the NICU, visiting our brand new baby boys.  Our lives were upside down.  We were on the cusp of a breakdown, never really allowing it all to come crashing down.  We were filled with sadness, anger, fear, envy, hope, and love.  We had never even held these boys, yet we felt like they've been with us for decades.

Though hope prevailed, we never really knew whether this day would come.  Yet here we are - happy, healthy and whole, about to send our kiddos into the care of a specialized school where they will receive some of their therapy.  It's not a huge deal, 6 hours a week.  But it's a change.  A good change because they need the socialization.  They love, love, love other kids.  We're a little nervous, as they've never been in the care of anyone besides family and close friends...and well dozens of NICU doctors and nurses.  I tend to forget that part.  

While this is a huge milestone for A&R, it's also a big step for us as parents.  Today we learn how to let go just a little.  Give up that control that we hold so near and dear.  As scary as it may be, it's something that we need to get used to.  After all, this only the first of many such lessons.

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