goodbye 2013

It's hard to believe another year is coming to an end.  Time always moves so quickly, but for me, it has significantly picked up speed since becoming a mother.  This day is always a little sad for me.  Though the promise of a New Year does bring with it an open canvas on which we can paint our wildest dreams, the year past always reminds me of things I wanted to do, meant to do, but didn't.  I guess that's where resolutions come in.  This year I won't have any resolutions.  Just a long list of goals for myself and my family, the top priority being to enjoy and love one another to the fullest.  And a promise that I won't beat myself up if I don't cross every single thing off my list.  

In honor of the last day of the year, I wanted to do a little something different that I've seen other bloggers do.  Here are my top ten posts from 2013.  Won't you take a short trip down hydrobaby lane with me?

10. To their health
9.  All aboard
8.  Ryan
7.  You never know what the future holds
6.  Good things
5.  19
4.  Generosity
3.  Mr. Ryan
2.  Shunts are scary
1.  Cerebral Palsy

This year a lot has happened for our family, and especially our boys.

Ryan was diagnosed with CP and soon after mastered rolling and sitting unsupported.  He has since perfected the art of scooting and uses it as his mode of transportation.  

Aiden has hid cleft palate repaired.  He also started walking and talking a heck of a lot.  He developed an obsession with all things Thomas and now refuses to go anywhere without at least two of his beloved trains.  

I got to meet some of the most wonderful women who helped me navigate this unique journey as a special needs mom.  

We took our first family vacation to Hawaii.  

The boys started school.

We got a cat.

Hubs got a promotion only a year after getting his last one.  Hard work does pay off. 

Ryan got his stander and walker.  

We've been a busy bunch.  Most notable, though, is that over the past year I've watched A&R grow from babies into toddlers.  I can't quite pinpoint when the change happened which is so odd to me, but I am enjoying this stage of their development so much.  Don't get me wrong, it's not easy, but it is ever rewarding.  

Thanks for sticking with me and my blog over the last year and a half.  I promise to post more content regularly again.  I know I've fallen off the last few months.  But I'm excited to get back to writing.  It was, and is still, a great outlet for me.  Plus, I know you all love reading updates on Aiden & Ryan.

May you have a healthy, happy, blessed and safe New Year.  Cheers to you and your family!

Goodbye 2013.


Wishing you a holiday season filled with warmth, love and laughter.


good things

Oh, hi.  I'm just going to nonchalantly slip back into the blogging world.  Pretend you didn't notice me leave.

I haven't updated since Mr. Aiden was in the hospital overnight for a possible shunt malfunction.  Well, he was discharged the next day and it turned out to just be a false alarm.  We've since followed up with his specialists and all is well.  Such is the life of parents with hydrobabies.  24 hours in a hospital is just something that we will have to do every once in a while.  No biggie.  Worse things have happened.

I'm really happy and excited to share with you what a big day today is for our family.  Today, Ryan received two pieces of equipment that are essential to his development and that will enable him to walk one day.  Today, we got Ryan's stander and gait trainer.  

Here he is, trying the stander out for the first time:

And giving his daddy a high five because he thinks it's super awesome:

Here he is in his walker:

And an ironman shot because we are a family that likes to have fun:

And finally, a video of Ryan taking his first steps totally unsupported by Mommy, Daddy or anyone else. Except for Jarvis, of course.  Totally made me teary:

So, the plan is to have Ryan spend two hours a day in his stander.  Each week we will add more time to his program, and eventually he will spending upwards of 6 hours a day in it.  This will strengthen his muscles and bones so that he will be able to effectively use his walker.  We're told that Ryan will likely be very tired on his standing program.  Perhaps this will get my little man to sleep through the night again.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe.

Good things are, and have been, happening in our household as of late.  And I couldn't be more thrilled.  Thanks for taking this journey with us.  It's nice to know that we, and our children, have people out there rooting for us.

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