happy homecoming

On this very day, two years ago, Seamus and I left our home and proudly, yet nervously, drove to the hospital for what would be Ryan's last day in the NICU.  After 117 long days and lonely nights, Ryan was unhooked from the many machines that told us he was alive.  He was placed into our arms, as if for the first time.  And we drove him home.  I sat in the back seat with him, all the while checking if he was still breathing.  Marveling at how small he looked in his car seat.  We entered our home, having been parents for the last 4 months, but feeling as if we were parents for the very first hour.  And life as we know it began.  Happy homecoming day, love bug!  We are so proud of you each and every day.  You are truly a blessing and have changed our lives in more ways than one.  

Diclaimer:  Most of the video is cute, baby kisses.  Some of it contains a child whining.  I apologize in advance. 

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