and then we were complete

This weekend, I gave the boys a mini cupcake before then napped.  To illustrate just how different A&R really are, here is what happened as soon as they got their little hands on those delicious treats:

Ryan dug right in.  He loves sweets, just like his momma.  And Aiden, well he decided to smash his cupcake into Percy's face before eating it.  Sharing is caring?

Our days are filled with sweet moments such as this.  Little things that seem so insignificant to us, yet bring so much joy to our little guys.  

Two years ago, on this very day, we began our journey towards days such as these.  After 125 long days, Aiden was well enough to come home and join his family.  No oxygen, no feeding tube.  Just him, free and clear of any and all medical equipment.  Ok, I lie.  He did come home on a pulse-ox, which measured the level of oxygen in his blood.  We requested it, since he had just come off oxygen a couple days prior to discharge.  But we ditched it within 12 hours of being home.  

It was such a weird time for us.  So scary & exciting.  So hectic.  Things are similar now, except the scary part has almost completely dissipated.  

Now we just sit and watch our boys grow, learn and love.  And that dark time we so desperately wanted to get past is but a distant memory.  Only to be awakened on days such as this.  When an anniversary makes it hard to forget.  

How lucky we are to finally be here.  And to get to watch our boy share his cupcakes with his beloved trains.  

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